• Giraffe kisses dying Zoo Keeper

     A touching moment between a zoo worker and one of his favorite animals has gone viral.


    According to a report by Dutch News, 54-year-old Mario, who worked for the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands for many years, was recently diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. But before he died, he had one wish: to say goodbye to the animals he cared for.

    Thanks to a Dutch organization called the Ambulance Wish Foundation, Mario was transported from his hospital to the zoo and wheeled around the giraffe enclosure. That’s when one of the giraffes came up to Mario to give him a kiss goodbye.

    “It was a very special moment. You saw him smile,” said Kees Veldboer, director of Ambulance Wish. ‘It was special that the animals knew him and could sense all was not well with him.”

  • Operating System STRUGGLES

    Today I experienced a Reset of my OS system that I use for my own personal use . I have a Chromebook that my husband has installed UBUNTU so it’s with the laptop being a Chrome OS , it’s called CHRUBUNTU .

    When I open my laptop I have to hit CTRL D to continue to my OS Chrubuntu which I AM THE ONLY ONE that knows this . If  somebody else opens MY laptop without my knowledge they  will see  a message that appears that reads ” TO TURN ON OS SYSTEM PRESS SPACE BAR TO ENABLE ” so if they hit the space bar all my settings from Chrubuntu will be wiped out & LOST I mean all my pictures , all my videos , all my music , all my files my programs , my documents & My husband will have to spend hours recovering & reload all the things that it takes to get me my UBUNTU back to what I am use to working with the down side is even with recovering my CHRUNBUNTU  OS all my saved items are lost I would have to start over or use my back up disk to put all my info back in to use .

    I was at work I had to leave my laptop in the break room & I had to run & help with a big water spill so I left , sometimes I use the mouse from the computer we have at work so I plug it to mine & put it back when I am done or walk out , but today the I.T guy comes in to work on the computer & for some reason he must have seen that the mouse was plugged up to mine & opened my laptop to see if it was hooked up to my laptop and with no knowledge of MY LAPTOP he must of opened it & pressed the space bar so when I returned from my duties I opened my laptop I realized that my CHROME GOOGLE SYMBOL was the first thing I saw with this SIGN , I knew right then and there somebody had touched my chrome book after that , other people in the room with me told me the I.T guy was in here working on the THR computer ….That is when I realized he was the one that touched my laptop .

    I was devastated this GUY just WIPED out my OS system with all my stuff with it .

    There was nothing I could do about it other then hunt him down & talk to him and ask why he touched my laptop so I  went to see his co-worker & explained what he did & I was just in tears for what had happened .

    This is now a lesson to be learned that never leave your laptop or phone laying out for anybody to touch it or have access to your personal items which I never expected this to happen for it was clear that it was not his business to open a laptop that was not familiar to him even if it was sitting next to something he was working on ….. now I am heart broke that I may have lost all my important stuff that I have saved for months & I may not be able to recover ANY of it …….I now have a nice skin on it with butterflies so everybody knows it belongs to me & my co-workers also know not to touch it so with this sign we all should know means DO NOT ENTER !!