Let me say that living with yourself and your choices happens, whether or not you are living around other people. Living with yourself is about the things that make us strong or hold us back, it’s what is inside you that helps you to pick up yourself and get going when times are confusing or tough decisions have had to be made. It is the power some call faith. some call it ci (don’t know that that is correct spelling). It is what give us strength. It is what drives us. It’s not the family or friends that are there for support or the enabling friend.

What decisions we have to make to take control of our own destiny. The power inside that helps us to get up at a certain time to start our day. The voice that we hear that points us to the better choice. Some people call it will. Other say that it’s your mojo. The terms are many for this but in simple it is all one thing.

It is hard to see outside of yourself. You might ask “why?”. I say that fact is so obvious we are almost always going to miss it. It is because we train ourselves to think in a certain pattern. We train ourselves mentally to accept certain things as the (only) way it should be, how this action should happen. Many times it is not ourselves who train ourselves. It may be an outside force such as a parent, a friend, a relative, a religion or (all too often) schools. In other words we are actually taught to do this.

We have become so narrow minded that it is hard to see another’s opinion let alone actually grasp the concepts with an open mind. We have been taught that everything exists on this pre level and to change an idea would mean undoing years of training. If that was so then how are there artists? Because an artist can do wonderful things with an ability. That means that the artist would have to form a different structure in each individual piece to make it unique. The artist has discovered or uncovered the idea that the box can change. Each brush stroke, dance move, comedic skit gives an excellent display of this. We all have the ability to grasp the concepts once they appear.

Take for instance the person who has smoked from a very early age. This person would see it as next to impossible to quit. I am not addressing the fact of addiction at all even though it plays a huge role. Now how would this person quit? Well, they have to decide to turn that want feeling off. Simple. Not easily achieved, that depends on the person because the person has to create the idea for themselves. This is hard when you have done something for thirty years.

Most people agree that if it is quitting that you hope to achieve you have to set an expiration on it. That means smoking is no good after said date and time. It might be fine for others but for me it has expired.

You know the milk in the fridge when it starts to smell slightly sour your mind tells you this is no good. You then might look at the date on it to reassure yourself that it is still good. Even though you may have no clue about what it takes to make the milk or how long it is really good for there is probably a very complex method to find that out, still you feel comforted that the milk you buy has a date that someone else calculated for you. Now do you still drink it even if it smells? I would say no because you know already what good milk is like. You have drank milk many times and now you can qualify yourself as the judge of good in your eyes.

Many people hesitate to do this. They accept whatever the public opinion as their own and don’t use better judgement. I am sure your mom has said “Well if they jumped off the bridge would you also?”. That holds true to living with yourself. It is not your friends family lovers or bosses that have to walk every moment of every day in your shoes. They aren’t the one who will be laying in pain if you slip. They won’t be the one no matter how much they care.

You wake up everyday in your own skin however damaged it may be to do what you have scheduled for that day. I ask one thing of you should you actually read this. That is take a look at who you are and how you can serve yourself better. Are you spending all of your time slaving for some company so a group of people can benefit from your sweat and agony? If you find that you are then take a moment and look at what other options you have. Not everyone can fly by the seat of their pants. But you might be able to invest in yourself. You might find that stopping a bad habit improves your health and mental state in many ways. You might find that completing school or to continue school offers you more choices in your life.

It is only you who has to be you.