I know that I should be embarrassed to say that I view those adult sites but why? I am an adult after all! Maybe it’s because I am trying to maintain a certain rating or the general stigma that surrounds the discussion of ‘What happens in private’. But the fact is western society has been bending the values and virtues of years past at an alarming rate. Some for the good and some questionable at best.

When I was growing up people society in general would seem to be offended by what is a common thing now, things were not discussed or accepted as topics to discuss in general forums or public. Lord forbid you dress like some of the most popular people of today or even worse have discussion of fornication outside wedlock. The term ‘babies daddy’ was basically unheard of and being pregnant at 16 was not a good thing , Now it’s ok to be pregnant at 16 , It’s ok to SAY porn.

Society will shun the very things that drive our human natural everyday lives. It is correct to drink while in the same atmosphere you will get arrested for smoking. But it’s not ok for you to speak out in public about politics, You can be GAY or Bi-sexual and in the military but you don’t have the freedom to openly admit or express it. Our western society has some real oxymoronic ways in ideology of what we view as acceptable, morally and legally correct. Let alone what is actually politically correct. It is almost a fad in the structures that call themselves authorities in our societies and communities with one day it is accepted and the next week it is not.

Western society has been the blame for many changes that have happened across the globe but is it just us that have encouraged the change since many from other countries even nearby are living decades behind the common and rudimentary technological advancements that Americans and Europeans have had for centuries like indoor plumbing and clean drinking water. My belief is… if I wait …and a new day comes …the supposedly smart people will make new rules and once again we will have rules that state that ‘we are free to speak as long as we don’t speak’.

Given the fact that an internet service provider can and many time do log what you do or limit what you see we are only at the beginning of this portion of laws and regulations that govern global societies and the internet thing as a whole. Serious issues will happen if current litigation passes as the next round of politicians do their work but that is actually the minor issue. The major issue is when and where will we say “ENOUGH ALREADY”.

Laws, rulings, statutes and codes are already in conflict of each other and with precedence changing almost weekly lawyers themselves can’t stay up to date on what the current standards are.

Communities have created rules like you can’t do yard work on this day of the week or no cell phones can be used within a certain radius of a school. These are just a few of the rules that have been put in place to incorporate the doctrine of one sect or portion of that locales populus and many times the rules make little or no sense to others not familiar with the sect.

The simple problem with the governance of all of these rules gets extremely confusing requiring special counsel to conduct business as they have to understand and absorb all these special interests codes and adapt thier policies as they work within the governed area but business is not the one affected greatest by this. It is the individual who stands the chance to become impacted inadvertently.

Let us take a moment to look at an example of how greatly this might effect someone on an average day as they commute to work or run an errand. What the person has to keep in mind is as they go about their day, the activities they do in one place may simply become illegal by the path they choose to take or the places that they choose to go, because as it has been said many times “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse”.

I had a friend recently visiting from Ireland. He went with me to a local store. On our visit he gathers his items and I gathered mine and we met back at the front of the store, but as I get to front of the store I notice that he is discussing with the store manager the fact that he has beer and it can not be purchased at this time of day. My friend was confused because he has no rule like this where he is from, he said “Well I wish that I had known this yesterday”.

I would not even have a clue what someone would do if they were prescribed a contraversal drug like medical marijuana. How do they determine which the safe route is? and if they get stopped will their presciption clear them or will they be jailed with their medicine taken, all in the name of justice. What happens when you have aquired a concealed handgun permit and you travel outside your town or state? is the weapon taken and jail time mandated? It boils down to the indivual and most importantly the authority.

Take an instance that happened to me about 10 years ago.

I had recently moved to this large metropolitan area. I had moved there from a relatively small town and found a job not so close to home. I was working about thirty miles from where I lived. I had to report to work at 6am so I was always getting up around 4 or so to get there on time or early. It was a very physical job and many days I would leave after dark. Long days and very hard work meant I was physically as well as mentally tired almost everyday on my way home.
Well as I was new to this big city it was often that I was getting my directions confused. One particular day I made a wrong turn and realized such, so I went to make the block, to turn around. I made a left and just then a police car came speeding over the hill and almost hit me, since the street I was turning at was almost at the crest of the hill, I just said to myself ‘Well I am glad that I didn’t get hit!’ and continued only to have the officer circle back and pull me over.
The officers did the usual by asking me for all of my documents and checking them. Then they asked me to get out of my car and proceeded to give me a sobriety test. The officers asked me alot of questions and then called another officer to the scene to examine me. Well actually 3 other cars showed and now there were 7 officers there. They insisted that I was on something because I “looked like it” and cuffed me and put me in the back of the police car. This is while I had been telling them that I was tired because of my day and had explained my schedule. I waited in the back of the squad car while I watched my new truck get towed away. Then in a rush they brought me to jail.
I get to the jail booking area and they took blood from me. I stayed in jail until my wife could post my bail the I went to get my truck from the city impound lot.
I waited almost a month while the lab tested my blood. The report confirmed what I had told the officers it said I had no drugs or alcohol in my blood.
This whole ordeal cost me over a thousand dollars from the bail, attorney fees and impound fees. As it has been over ten years I do not think that the officers plan on apologizing for this costly mistake. That after all is not required.
It does not matter what you think is right you are at the will and whim of those who call themselves authority over you. Often the very laws that are supposed to protect the innocent are weighted or skewed in favor of interests controlled by a few zealots. We often hear their messages as public announcement. The logic of the few being the spread idea, and if opinions are outside the safe realm of this doctrined logic then public ridicule is expected.
Just take a look at what has been done in the interest of national security. People are at an injustice, no matter what the topic of discussion, there lies a rule that the laws and codes justify the actions. That is unjust to the man who spends his energy to pay the appropriate taxes that assist the government wheels to turn because if he objects to policies or laws he does not have the option to not pay the said tax. That is without being in violation of the rules or laws.
That is why religion and many special interest groups have an unfair advantage in our communities. They pay no tax but they are allowed to spread their opinion and in many circumstance have their views incorporated into policies. The fact that everyone besides the religious leader is going to work and paying the way for the religious leader to do his bidding.
That may be one reason there is such an anti-religion sentiment in recent years.
The good orderly direction (GOD) that governs us should not give more weight to a discussion because of the fact a person visits a building and talks about a book, belief or idea any more than the next person discussing an idea but political agenda is often closely followed by many religous enterprizes who send a call to action from the many television, radio and other media outlets they control.
What would happen if the goverment or religous outfits made the desktop software that we use? Would we still have the same capability to freely and openly express an idea or would it get caught in the “correctness check” because we didn’t say Hail to the King at the end?
Our political leaders have many interests and causes they work with. The leaders often make rules and govern with many times these interests in mind because they (p)aid to keep the politician in office. It is all to often that individual rights are yet again quashed due to the special status given to the leaders causes very often overlooking the obvious prejudice. It is not always obvious but even when it is discovered it is rarely prosecuted. After all these are the ones that appoint judges and write the rules that govern.
The politics behind the scene is more than that of the politicians alone. Many times the actual view of what the correct way is, is flawed. The belief that the earth was flat was widely accepted as correct for a long time. Many people eagerly accept teachings with a blind trust niavely putting faith in the teacher or elders ability to mold their minds. Historical research and modern learning methods are not always accurate in effecively training the masses and many times standardized tests can not adequately ensure that the individual is trained or taught to the strengths that they possess. It is not uncommon for the scholar to have to research an educated inquiry posed by an undergraduate.
Government has a hand in almost all of our affairs and our privacy is almost considered a thing of the past. Licensing, taxing and regulations are enacted and enforced to aid us and our communities by placing a standard that we can reference to ensure individuals, business and government all work in a cohesive and effective manner. Unfornately communities and individuals are the ones who lose in this equation because many times the information or entitlements that are generated for them are sent to assist another branch of government or the new pet project(s). Responsible and accountable leaders are often misled by the powers their offices hold and corruption in government has almost become expected if not outright tolerated at some levels.
Let us learn from the mistakes that have happened and not create yet another committee to study the committee who studies or does whatever. Let us put into action ways that will improve the way that we all contribute to society. Let us hold the ones at fault who are at fault and give every voice a face not wholly supportive and completely independant of corporate connection, financial means, political affiliation, celebrity or class.
We have made great advances in our general communication methods and the technologies that support our interpersonal everyday connectivity that we carry in our purses or pockets or sit upon our desks. The need for this interconnectivity enables us in ways only known in previous times by societies very elite. We now can efficiently if not immediately respond to the many events that take place in life. These devices save lives, time and assist us to be more productive both in our family and public matters.
What several years ago was thought of as a ‘wow’ has now fallen into a mainstream or mainstay activity. People have come to count on email, text messaging, and other social web activities almost unconsciously. Politicians have even used several popular web mediums to aid with election efforts. Government officials should be expected to use the tools that are available allowing them to communicate in open forum or private conversation with the ones they serve. Many public officials from the United States have this capacity already via http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml let other countries use similar methods as technology advances globally. Let us all please use the tools we can to let our government know what we expect from them.
Again let us not be niave to think that everything is controlled by government.
Corporations have a great stake in our everyday life. The corporate hold is equalled by none and is seen globally. Corporations have special rules they have aquired through years of clogging up our courts. They are offered more right than a person. We should judge them for how they act morally but we see they know how to act legally giving an individual or community little or no escape from their clutches. The grand corporations of the world have to be held accountable for the issues they create. The shareholders or stakeholder should be held liable for the actions of gross negligence and offered legal recourse against officers of the corporation but that’s a catch 22 in itself.
Many of the people around the globe are not offered the luxuries that my local community has and many do not have the same freedoms. This is why those of us who can share a voice, an opinion, an idea, or a dream for the direction we should follow need to do so. Openly sharing is the only way that others can develop the path that is needed for future generations to prosper. –GOD (good orderly direction)